Scripting is a skill.

We will teach you how to master it.

Meet Your Instructor

TheRobloxCoach AKA Staysail has been building games on Roblox since 2015. He has many successes on the Roblox platform that have peaked at over 8,000 concurrent players, and 300M+ visits across all his games. He will teach you his strategy of how he scripts his games and brings any idea to life with the power of scripting. Tower of Dread hit 8,000 concurrent players back in 2020, which was his first massive success. Tower of Easy hit 3,000 concurrent players this year, and now he still averages impressive numbers on all of his games.

TheRobloxCoach's Front PageSolo Developed Games

Check out the projects TheRobloxCoach has created which have been breakout successes. TheRobloxCoach is a seasoned expert in the field of game development. Learn exactly how to code the breakout successes he has created. With source code & game files* by TheRobloxCoach to speed up your learning process.

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Scripting is a Super Power

You can do anything with the power of Scripting and Lua. Think about it. Roblox Studio is built on code, everything on the internet, even this website was built using code, and you can learn it in 30 days with a 1 hour dedication every day. That's only 30 hours to dedicate, and you'll master the skill for life.

There are Benefits

After learning Roblox Lua and Game Development, if you ever want to learn ANY other skill related to computer programming or in the IT field, you can learn any language or framework in WAY less time. Even get a full-time job working in the Computer Science industry. 99% of Computer Engineers have NEVER gone to college. They are self-taught. This is the only massive oppurtunity without going into massive DEBT for a college degree.

You must enroll NOW

Oppurtunities like these won't last forever. It's now time for YOU to enroll and master the skills in ONE coding language, then the rest is history. Take a step of faith, and go all for it. Learning to code is a skill only dedicated people can learn. It will seperate you from the crowd.

My 3 Step Method For Mastery (literally)

A decade in the making, now all at your fingertips. This 3 step method will greatly improve your scripting ability, it's so valuable I'm providing it to you for FREE for making it this far on the page. You can even take this method and learn on your own if you really wanted to.

BUT... Think about it... Everyone who goes on there own when there is SO MUCH information in one place here on QuizGrid would be making a massive mistake... Think about it... What if the DECADE of my experience SCOURING the internet for years actually could make a difference for a ONE time fee. Access for LIFE. This will change the way you think while you are SCRIPTING games. This won't just be the basics, it's everything to start creating ANY game from scratch with just knowledge you learned from QuizGrid.

1. Watch

Watch before you code for the first time, Absorb the important information, you will need it!

2. Code With Me

Next step, code while I'm typing with me and try to keep up, if not, no worries, pause in between and type to your hearts content!

3. Pause & Code

The last step, pause one of my videos half way through, and start typing the code, you have already watched twice, so you should know what you saw, then repeat this process until you master one lesson, then move on to the next one!

Don't just take my word for it,  Check out what the enrolled students say!

10/10, Overall a great tutorial and worth the money, you get a great experience, and a personal contact with the owner himself. Well worth the price, I'm only a couple weeks into my scripting journey, long way to go but I have faith in these lessons!

Mater on DiscordMater on DiscordVerified Student

10/10. Great coach and courses, its very worth the money, you even get to go back to the lessons any time you want!

Snoger on DiscordSnoger on DiscordVerified Student

Well worth the money. I've consistently deemed myself as somone who wasn't smart enough to learn coding.
After the first few lessons on the basics, everything was so much easier to learn, and understand. This man is extremely gifted at teaching and truly cares about the future of roblox developers.
Anywho, thanks for all the great lessons and teachings @Community Leader . You guys are the best coaches!

net on Discordnet on DiscordVerified Student

I rate this course a 10 out of ten, this is the best boot camp I have ever used. It goes into depth explaining key language in scripting. The quizes are very useful and testes your knowledge. I highly recommend signing up for this course. The game breakdowns help me a lot with managing and making my project I have already learnt so much! I think there is a high chance of the future talented developers on the platform that are going to use this.

Ellis on DiscordEllis on DiscordVerified Student

Literally amazing!!
I could not ask for a more organized, in-depth course on Lua and Roblox Studio.
Quizgrid has really shined with this, and I don't think I'll be needing to go hunting through YouTube for information anymore! :D

MovieMacs on DiscordMovieMacs on DiscordVerified Student

Great course, gives a lot of information to new developers. 10/10 would recommend :)

Viggx on DiscordViggx on DiscordVerified Student

So what are you waiting for?

It's never too late to start your scripting journey while I'm here to support you. I'm excited to see you enroll and meet our amazing students and community who have taken their skill to new heights in all aspects of Roblox Development.

All Skill Levels

All skill levels, from beginner to intermediate.

8 Years Of Experience

TheRobloxCoach, your instructor, has been scripting games professionally since 2015.

Interactive Quizzes

Interactive quizzes to level up your skills!

Master Scripting

Our course will take you from zero-to-hero.

Master Once. Excel Forever.

That's true. One language and everything else CS related will come as a breeze. No need to pay $1,000s of dollars a semester to learn Computer Science and get a degree. With QuizGrid you will learn actually how to THINK like a programmer and not just HOW to code.

Learn Skills To Last a Lifetime

Subscribe to the Complete Roblox Lua Bootcamp to learn how I took my games from 0 players to peaking at thousands. Enroll today and start learning the scripting skills I wish I knew when I was starting out!

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*Not all games TheRobloxCoach has created on this page have source code available to re-use under legal juristiction in the United States. Consult with a lawyer before copying any code, as there will be game files inside of the course for you to download and re-use freely, "TheRobloxCoach" has the rights to DMCA takedown any games if they go against his "rights" or blatantly "stealing" for profit. You are not allowed to make profit off the game files, and they must be non-profit or you risk getting a takedown notice and legal action will be taken against account(s) and game(s).

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